Risk Management is any conscious action that reduces the frequency, severity, or unpredictability of accidental losses. By utilizing the information below, districts can reduce losses, thereby protecting students, staff, and resources to ensure continuation of the educational process.

The sole purpose of the risk management program is protection against loss. When losses are prevented and reduced, school districts have more money and resources to support their students.

Safety inspections are conducted weekly by a VCSSFA Safety Inspector to identify hazards and monitor the results of any corrective actions issued. This improves workplace safety, reduces liability, and increases employee and student safety awareness. Types of inspections include playground, compliance audits, indoor air quality, Williams Lawsuit, Boiler/Machinery, and general inspections.

A Risk Management Committee was formed with every Member District appointing a Representative. The Risk Management Committee meets once a month to develop best practices, information sheets, and review safety inspection reports.

For more information about the VCSSFA's Risk Management programs, contact Russ Olsen, Director of Risk Management, at rolsen@vcoe.org

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