What is the Ventura County Schools Self-Funding Authority?

In the mid 1970's, the California Legislature amended the Government Code to allow two or more public agencies to create a Joint Powers Authority (JPA), to provide economies and efficiencies that may not otherwise be realized on a stand-alone basis.

VCSSFA is a government-regulated public entity (JPA) formed in 1982 by Ventura County public school districts to provide risk management services, including risk financing and risk control programs to its members agencies.

VCSSFA provides Property, Liability, and Workers' Compensation programs, along with loss prevention and safety services to 19 Ventura County public school districtss, plus 10 additional covered parties, including Ventura County Board of Education, Ventura County Business Services Authority, Ventura County Fast Action Transit Authority, and 5 charter schools.

How is the VCSSFA governed?

Each of the 19 members of the VCSSFA, via authorization of their respective Board of Trustees, appoint both a Representative and Alternate to serve on the VCSSFA Board of Directors. From this group, a 7 member Executive Committee is elected.

The VCSSFA Board meets quarterly while the Executive Committee meets monthly. All VCSSFA meetings are subject to and in full compliance with California's open meeting laws.

How is the VCSSFA administered?

Authority operations are managed by an Executive Director, supported by a six person staff. Certain VCSSFA program services such as claims administration, broker services, actuary and audit are provided under contract.

Is the VCSSFA regulated by any State Agency?

Although the VCSSFA functions in many ways like an insurance company, it is not regulated as such and it is not regulated by the California Department of Insurance. However, the VCSSFA must comply with specific regulations and codes by filing certain and specific reports with the following State Agencies:

  1. Secretary of State - JPA Agreement and changes thereto
  2. County Clerk - Public Agency Roster Filing and changes thereto
  3. Fair Political Practices Commission - Conflict of Interest Filings
  4. State Controller, County Clerk - Audited Financial Reports
  5. Department of Industrial Relations Self Insurance Plans - Workers' Compensation Reports/Filings