The VCSSFA operates Self-Insured Programs in the areas of General Liability (which includes Auto Liability, Public Officials Errors and Omissions and Fiduciary Liability), Workers' Compensation and Proeprty Damage (which includes Automobiles and Buses, Boiler and Machinery, and District-Owned Property).

Each of the VCSSFA's Liability, Property and Workers' Compensation programs are professionally handled by a Third Party Administrator (TPA) which is contracted directly by the VCSSFA Board of Directors. The TPA for each Program administers the respective claims under the applicable laws, regulations, rules and generally accepted industry standards, and with Member District and Board direction. In addition, the TPA works directly with each Member District's appointed Board representative for the resolution of claims. Each Board member is regularly sent detailed claims loss runs regarding its specific district's program claims. Claims are settled with agreement from the Member District. Any settlement conflicts between the TPA and the Member District are resolved at the Executive Committee level. In summary, the Member District and the Board collectively determine the coverages to be offered, the way in which claims are to be handled and administered, and the settlement authority and policy for the payment of claims.

The VCSSFA Board of Directors has developed and adopted policies and procedures on how claims should be handled, including an approved listing of panel attorneys. All members are encouraged to contact the TPA if they have any questions regarding claims handling procedures, coverage questions, or use of legal counsel. This is particularly important with the Liability pooled program, as all Members share in the costs. The Board of Directors has also implemented a Litigation Management Program, which all panel attorneys must abide by to ensure the best possible service and results at the best possible cost.

Equity Target Policy

Dividend Policy

Workers' Compensation Guidelines

Liability Property Claims Procedure Manual

Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP)